Sixth Sense Technology

Sixth Sense Technology

Sixth Sense Technology was introduced by a famous scientist named ” Pranav Mistry”  the movies on the Big screen of the computer. You just command the computer by given gestures. This is all possible due to these six sense technologies. Is it not amazing? Today is the time of sci-fi movies. With the help of this technology, you will be able to watch these movies on household stuff. It was looking at supernatural phenomena before a few years. But now six sense technologies make it possible.

But is this six sense it a phenomenon that has changed our physical world with the help of digital information. We use natural hand gestures to interact with that information. This concept is based on augmented reality. We implement the perception of it. In other words, we can say that six sense technology has changed the real-world object with digital words. Six sense technology working in a reliable manner. This technology emerges all the other technologies. This presents the things into a single portable and commercial products.

It consists of many other technologies like image capturing, manipulation, processing and hand gesture recognition. The digital world is superimposed on the real world by this Sixth Sense Technology. The digital world is expended into the physical world with the help of the internet. Today we have created this Sixth Sense Technology into our smartphones, computer, tablets, laptops, PDAs, netbooks, music players and some other related gadgets. All of these gadgets that are made by this latest technology enable us to communicate with digital worlds that are surviving around us. we cannot interact directly with the digital world because we are humans and our physical body is not meant for digital worlds.

If we want to communicate with the digital world then we have to learn it. We are unable to communicate with the digital world as we can communicate with each other. The Sixth Sense Technology provides us the most efficient and reliable ways to communicate the digital world with human beings or the real world. So we can say that the Sixth Sense Technology is working as a key to the digital world to communicate with the real world. There are a lot of methods and software’s are introduced which empower us with the direct interface like speech recognition software and touch recognition software. Today wear Ur world (WuW) replace all these software and help us to communicate with the digital world.

Pranve Mystery a scientist introduces this Sixth Sense Technology that is a prototype of the next level of digital to the real world. This technology consists of a lot of things like a projector, camera, mobile cum computing devices, and some colored sensors. All these tools are present in our hands. This device easily recognizes the motion of colored markers. We just use our fingers and freely interact with these digital worlds. The people are present in this real world and this technology enables them to interact with the digital worlds.

Why we use Sixth Sense Technology:

As we all know that we all make decisions with the help of our senses. But we are unable to collect sufficient information. All this information is present on the internet. So we use a computer or other gadgets to collect this information from internet by using Wi-Fi, 3Gs and 4Gs, etc. But it is restricted to a large screen to connect the digital world with the real world. We use hand gestures to collect the information of the real-world from the digital world. This technology provides us multiple applications like Artificial Intelligence.

How  This Sixth Sense Technology Works:

The Sixth Sense Technology utilizes a number of technologies named Image processing and gesture recognition etc. In these recent years prototype is prepared but the commercial products are not launched. We can easily use the Sixth Sense Prototype. Today it is very common for use. The equipment of the Sixth Sense prototype are easily available like a mirror, pocket projector, Mobile components, a camera and color markers, etc. The visual images are present on the surface that leads us toward the projector projects.

In other words, we can say that we can watch the whole world on the screen of the computer and other gadgets. The camera capture all the movements, when we use the hands to make different movements with the help of color markers. Both the camera and mobile are interconnected with each other that are present in the pocket of the user. With the help of the computer vision technique, we make the recognition possible. We use the markers that act as visual tracking fiducials.  We can process the video streaming data and can interpret all the movements into gestures with the help of this software program. These gestures assigned the different types of commands and are different from one another.

Evolution Of Sixth Sense Technology:

The father of technology is named as ” Steve Mann”. He made the computer for us in 1990. He executes the camera with Sixth Sense Technology. When he introduced the Computer, he was the student of the media lab. His work was further progressed by Indian research as a student of the media lab. Then he introduced the latest technology named as Sixth Sense Technology. Sixth Sense Technology was made in the media labs at MIT. He makes the Sixth Sense Technology Wear Ur World. He converts the name into wear Ur World in February 2010. Mistry said in his article that “he wants to make the people their own systems”.  He said that one day people will be able to make their own hardware. In his famous article, he said that I will give instructions to people on how they can make computers. I will also provide them key software, according to ministry. He said that I will make the people able to build the applications.


Capture the photos with your fingers:

You can capture the photos with the help of your fingers. So you have no need to carry the additional gizmo. The box act as a frame to capture the photos that are made by fingers.

Fingers as brush:

You can use your finger as a brush with the help of this technology. You can draw any type of paint with the help of your fingers. You can use your finger and have no need to use the mouse. You can also draw 3G computers.

Video News Papers:

This is also an advantage of Sixth Sense Technology. You can identify the latest news headlines. You can also project the important videos.

Palm is the new dialer:

The Sixth Sense Technology makes it possible for users that they can call without using the dialer. This dialer is present on the Palm of the dialer. So the user can dial the user number with the help of another hand.


This is also a unique advantage of the computer. So you can make the gesture of the clock on the hands. The watch is projected on the user hand.

Check Your Flight Status:

This is also an advantage of Sixth Sense Technology. You place your ticket in front of the projector. So with the help of this technology, you can check the status from the internet.

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